September Update

A New Team for David!

You’ve heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You can probably tell a friend the plot of a movie you saw as a child. But do you remember the message you heard at church last month? Last year? Images, still or moving, are powerful! It’s one reason we’ve both worked on the visual media team for the campus ministry over the last decade or so.

For the last few years, I (David) have been asked to help on various narrative film shoots of The Jesus Film Project short-film team (called Broken Phonebooth). I’ve enjoyed helping them create stories that have spiritual messages and inspire spiritual discussion! I’ve also enjoyed serving the Campus Ministry over the past 20 years in different roles, but recently, the video part of our team has become smaller. I had considered moving to the JESUS Film team before, but this time, after praying about it, we decided this was indeed the next step for me. So, I’ve officially made a change over to The JESUS Film Project! I’m looking forward to working with my new team!


Working with Broken Phonebooth on a short story last spring.


The JESUS Film portrays the story of Jesus based on the Gospel of Luke. To date, 1,200 translations of the film have been created and it’s been seen in every country of the world. Partners and denominations worldwide use it daily to share the gospel and plant churches.

Heather will continue to serve on the media team for the Campus Ministry, as she puts her artistry and graphic design skills to work in service of our staff and students. She also looks forward to see how God might use her at our kids’ elementary school. We’d love to see some kind of Good News club form there where kids would hear biblical truths and the gospel!

When making a change in departments, it’s customary for staff to focus full time time on finding new partners in order to complete their ministry team before reporting.  Please join us in praying as we work toward that goal—thanks!

Prayer Requests:

Balance as we keep fewer regular hours while we work on finding partners and still being parents!

Heather’s had more headaches and back and neck pain. She is seeking treatment­­–pray it is effective!


We are tansitioning into a new school year, kids have friends in their classes, and are adjusting.


David & Heather

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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