January 2014 Update


A few years ago, David’s short-film team (Broken Phonebooth of The JESUS Film Project), had the opportunity to make a 12-part series.


The series is called Rivka, and can be viewed in 5 different languages on jesusfilmmedia.com
or the app. Rivka tells the story of a small group of Jesus’ followers living in first-century Palestine. Their story demonstrates how our loving God, through His Word and Holy Spirit, gives strength for the present and hope for the future. Added to this narrative are Bible studies and personal devotionals.

Media is powerful and we are hearing stories of how God is using this series.

God is doing amazing, amazing things! Christ offers release from shame, bondage, slavery, fear, despair and hopelessness. The fields are ripe for harvest and God is empowering his people in [this country] to see much fruit.” These enthusiastic words came from Omar, a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in Central Asia, after using a newly-released translation of Rivka among the country’s women.

Omar shared that wherever they give evangelism and discipleship training to new believers, they utilize Rivka. He stated, “… we began to notice that many groups which had formed after our initial training began to invite non-believing women, and [they] see this [film] as an effective evangelistic tool. We have come to see this material serve well both as training material for believers and for evangelism.” Omar reported unexpected results: “… In the past three months over 1,000 women have come to faith in Jesus Christ …

Omar’s wife, Dayan, has shown this translation of Rivka more than 30 times in local churches and 18 times in small-group settings. Approximately 630 people watched the film as a result. Dayana noted that members of small groups who use Rivka also have shown it to their immediate families, relatives and friends.

Thank you for praying and investing in people’s lives being changed as they encounter Christ!

Prayer requests

  • God would continue to draw people to Himself and use films like Rivka.
  • We would have our focus on Him, he would be our hope.
  • As students return to colleges they would be bold in sharing thier faith
  • Grace in our parenting as we seek to raise worshippers of God!


  • Heather was able to join her family in Michigan to celebrate her grandmother’s going to be with Jesus.
  • David survived single parenting for the week.
  • Safety as we traveled to see family over the holidays.

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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