May Ministry Update

Unexpected Audiences

Do you ever get the impression that God is not predictable? While His character is unchanging, He often works in ways we don’t expect.We were recently encouraged to hear how a tool David’s team worked on was being used.

w163546113 w163596502Missionaries in Romania have been showing The JESUS Film (in the Romani language) to gypsies. They are coming to Christ! Then, to help them further their new relationship with God, they are being shown a follow-up video series. The surprising aspect of this is that the videos were made for African audiences! The first episode portrays an African chief who comes to Christ and starts walking with God. The series has African actors and settings, and yet, gypsies in Europe are growing in their faith because of it. They have been viewing the series on smart-phones and tablets. Who would have thought this could happen? Just a fun and humbling example of how God is using our tools in people’s lives, and in ways we never expected.

Heather’s Future Role

W91676948We’ve enjoyed getting to share with people about David’s new ministry role. In the midst of this change, things were happening to the team where Heather has been serving as a graphic designer; it looks like the design team for the campus ministry won’t continue. On a positive note, there are many departments here at headquarters (including JESUS Film) that would love to have Heather join and serve with them—which one is up in the air right now. We’d love for you to pray that we’d find a great fit for her gifts and capacity. We are grateful for you! You being alongside us makes it possible for us to serve God here.

please pray:

  • Our teammate, Brent (43, and a healthy guy), had a heart attack over Easter weekend. He’s doing better, and is home after just a couple days in the hospital. There have been a lot of health issues lately on our team. Please pray for our protection!
  • A great fit for a new ministry position for Heather
  • David’s team will be shooting a short film on the topic of shame this month; please pray it goes well, and will be effectively used by God


  • After many years of driving (and repairing) our red van around Orlando (and the USA), we’re blessed to now have a newer, and more reliable, vehicle!
  • We’ve enjoyed meeting many new people in the Orlando area as we’ve shared what God’s been doing in our ministry

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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