August 2014 Update

JESUS in Jail?!

In a closed country, a “JESUS” film team prayed and made a bold plan to give out “JESUS” DVDs, Bibles and “More Than a Carpenter” books in 35 villages. At first, they were dismayed at the lack of opportunities to distribute the materials. Then one afternoon they were stopped by police with guns drawn. As the police searched the car, they said, “Yes, these are the ones!” and took them to the police station, counted the materials and locked them up downstairs. To the team’s surprise, about an hour later they heard sounds from upstairs—the police were watching the “JESUS” film. “Hallelujah!” the team rejoiced downstairs, but then they heard the head man come in upstairs. The sound of the film stopped. However, as soon as he left, they could hear the police resume watching the film.







The next day, the decision was made to release the team along with their materials. As the team was getting ready to leave, two policemen came up and asked if they could have a DVD. Then another policeman came to the team. “You gave a DVD to my friend, can I have one, too?” Likewise, 10 other policemen did the same thing. Eventually, the team was able to give out all 250 DVDs and the books to the policemen at the station. We are encouraged to hear how the gospel is spread and to whom.

Roller Coaster








After visiting family in Michigan, we spent a day at Cedar Point amusement part before seeing David’s family in New York.  We soared to new heights, screamed down hills and enjoyed watching our kids experience big roller coasters. How is it that we love thrill rides, yet we really don’t want our lives to resemble them? We want to make sure we are safe. I know it’s been a journey for us to always accept God is in charge of the ride of our lives and can be trusted!

please pray:

  • For insurance to fully cover bills we have incurred due to a minor accident Heather had in April.
  • Protection for us and our teammates. The enemy doesn’t like our work, and we’ve encountered plenty of circumstances that are meant to slow us down.
  • Times of rich communion with the Lord; that our eyes would be focused on Him and not “the things of earth.”


  • We had a safe trip to visit family in Michigan and Buffalo in July.
  • Elijah had a screening through the school and it looks like he will be able to participate in a special program at school next year!
  • Hundreds are taking part in short-term mission trips around the globe where the gospel is proclaimed and believers grow in their faith!

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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