September Update

Heart Language

Susan, a pastor’s wife at a small U.S. church, had lunch with Ahmed and Bahir, two young men in their early 20s from two different Middle Eastern countries. She asked if they would like to see a movie about Jesus in their own languages. She pulled out her smartphone, showed them the JESUS Film Media app, and—as she puts it—the fun began. She handed her phone to Bahir first, and his face brightened as he heard his language. “Yes! That is [my heart language]!” he exclaimed. “Is the whole movie in [my language]?” When Susan told him it was, Bahir smiled with approval and asked how to get the app on his laptop so he could watch and listen at home.


Susan then turned to Ahmed, and he told her his heart language. While the app showed six video selections in his language, both men raised their eyebrows in surprise and looked pleased. As Ahmed began to listen to “JESUS” in his heart language, his smile widened even more. He claimed to know Christ, but admitted he was “lukewarm.” He said he desired to change and follow Christ more faithfully. Although from another religious background, Bahir expressed interest in knowing more about Christianity. Both young men returned to their home countries with “JESUS” on their laptops in their heart language.

We’ve been reflecting lately on how God uses ordinary, broken people to spread the message of hope around the world. He could use any number of methods, but he wants to use you and me! Perhaps this week God would have your path intersect with someone ready to hear how God wants a relationship with them.

Heather’s Role

Over the past several months we have been looking at where Heather might use her gifting best to serve God in ministry. After exploring several options, praying, and processing, Heather will also be joining The JESUS Film Project! She will be working closely with David’s team to provide much-needed design skills there.  We know how something is presented and packaged lends to one’s first impression and openess to receive what’s inside.  Thank you for praying with us about this transition. Heather hopes to also plug in at our kids’
elementary school.

Please Pray

  • Staff friends Steve and Emily lost their 12-yr-old son suddenly; pray for their grieving family.
  • Kids are back in school! Pray they would love learning and for a few key friends in their classes.
  • David’s team has a one-day film shoot coming up. Pray that it would go well, & be a tool that would glorify God and draw others to himself.
  • Students all across the country are headed back to college. Pray they’d encounter Christ and choose to walk with Him!


  • Seeing God’s faithfulness in raising up many new partners to join us in this next season of ministry.

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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