January 2015 Update

The god in this movie was good!

It was chilly last month as Kris walked on the campus of a university in the Middle East. Her goal was to engage students in conversations by showing them a short film. She met Ada’am (not his real name), a student who loved America and spoke English well. He invited Kris to sit with him and his friends as they together watched “Jangled” (the story of a stolen bracelet and the shame and trouble it brings upon its new owner).

When the film finished, Kris asked Ada’am’s opinion on the film and if he could relate to the main character. The conversation turned toward spiritual issues when he said, “Allah would have cut her hand off. The god in this movie was good, because she got to live.”

Cautiously, Kris leaned in and asked, “May I tell you about this God in the film and how He changed my life?”

“Yes, please,” Ada’am replied.


We were so excited to hear this story and others like it. Our team wrote, filmed, and produced that short film! A few team members had the privilege of field-testing it in the Middle East to see if it was connecting with audiences. Our team members experienced great openness as people watched the film, related to the main character, and wanted to discuss more about how to get rid of shame.

You can also watch “Jangled” on the JESUS Film app (called Jesus Film Media) or at http://jesusfilmmedia.org/2_529-0-Jangled/.

Everywhere you go, people have cell phones, and are streaming content. May God give us wisdom as we seek to supply materials that will draw others to Christ. The featured article in Worldwide Challenge this month also talks about using short films. Visit www.worldwidechallenge.org/content/now-showing to read more.

Please pray

  • Elijah has been dealing with some skin issues: warts, and then allergic reactions
  • A film school to train others to make short films will, God-willing, take place in February in the Middle East
  • God would guide our teams’ work as we seek to make pieces that open up people to gospel conversations
  • Protection from the enemy who doesn’t like our work!


  • A restful Christmas break
  • God is drawing people to himself, and using the work
  • For all of you who join us in seeing it happen!

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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