February Ministry Update

Captive Audience

What do you do on your commute to work? 100 million Filipinos spend 1-3 hours a day on commuter buses. Cru staff in the country dreamed of a way to utilize that time to share the gospel with those commuters. They prayed, trusting God for a breakthrough, and He answered in a wonderful way!


Mark, a Filipino staff member, has a friend who works for MagnaVision. She is passionate about spreading the Good News through media platforms and wants to help distribute inspiring short films. MagnaVision is working with the Philippine government to upgrade the viewing experience of those 100 million commuters.

Last September, 10,000 buses from 38 companies had TVs and DVD players installed by MagnaVision. MagnaVision also is supplying the DVDs to be played on all of those screens, and they contacted Mark to get the content. That means that 10,000 screens will be playing our short films for the viewing pleasure of a captive audience of millions of viewers!


They specifically asked for: Falling Plates, Venia, My Last Day, La Búsqueda, In Time, Loneliness of One and the Sermon on the Mount. You can view these films yourself by visiting www.globalshortfilmnetwork.com.

Mark’s prayer is that the Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of these commuters and that they’ll start taking simple steps to know more about having a relationship with Jesus.

The Filipino staff team has developed a discipleship system that uses online communication options (like Skype, which they’ve dubbed “Skypleship”) in order to help interested commuters learn more about having a relationship with Jesus.

Please join us in praying that God would powerfully draw people to himself and equip those who will be offering discipleship!

Please pray:

Teammates are on the way to the Middle East to oversee a film school.

Our team is putting together a short to promote talking about what Easter is about.

Pray for details needed for the vison shared about bus videos to be a reality, and that God would use it to open many people’s hearts


We’ve been healthy and enjoying the mild Florida winter

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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