March Update

Arab Film School Update

Watching or reading the news tends to be a reminder of the brokenness of our world; rarely do we see glimpses of how God is at work. We hear about ISIS, but not about how more Muslims are searching for answers and coming to Christ than ever before!

In the Arab world, over half of the population is under 30. They’re searching for answers to a better life–in the past decade, more Muslims have come to Jesus through media than in the past 15 centuries! There are 13 communication centers for the 22 Arab countries where trained Christians respond to 1,500 emails a day, answering questions of those seeking truth. Leaders have expressed a desire for short films to be created that will communicate to the heart of their audience and answer the questions they have. They have seen this media engage people like nothing else.

WebIMG_0081 webMikeFilmSchool

​Three of our teammates and a few others who have expertise in filmmaking ​and using films in ministry kicked off the film school training in Jordan last month. We had 18 students come from ​5 countries. Materials were in English and Arabic. (Heather helped put it together!) The goal is to teach them how to create and use stories to engage those around them in conversations leading to the gospel.

These 18 men and women will have mentors following up with them and will meet several more times over the next 18 months as they seek to learn and produce short films. Part of the training is then how to best use the materials they produce. Pray for them, as they are more likely to face persecution.

While the school was in session, Facebook ads were taken out in Arabic that directed people to specific videos. Over 100,000 people watched the videos in the just 5 days! In a day’s time they had 1,500 emails that they are now following up on. That’s amazing! These are contacts that the students will develop further relationships with.

Please pray:

  • For these 18 film students ­— Pray that God would protect them and help them as they strive to tell stories through short films that will draw more seekers to Himself!
  • We are putting the final touches on a social media campaign aimed at engaging young people about the meaning behind Easter.


  • Our teammates made it back safely from their time at the film school in Jordan
  • We had a great film shoot in the office last week.

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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