August Ministry Update

Cru 15 Staff Conference


As we all know, there is much brokenness in the area of race in our country today. One focus at our conference last month was our need to walk with our ethnic brothers and sisters, mourn with them, seek to be aware of the privileges we take for granted being the majority culture, and pray that by God’s grace our organization would more greatly reflect diversity so that we really can reach every person.

It was said you might feel uncomfortable with this topic, like you’re dying, close to the cross, broken by your sin, whether it was through knowing or of omission, but that means resurrection is coming. I wonder if our learning, through God’s power, to hold up our brothers and sisters that are from minority cultures might sweep in a greater outpouring of God’s Kingdom.

Speaker and Author Christena Cleveland

Speaker and Author Christena Cleveland

We heard some amazing ways God is at work here and around the globe. The vision of people from every nation, tribe, tongue knowing God, being exposed to the gospel—we can see that being completed, perhaps even in the next ten years. We heard stories of Jesus appearing in visions to Muslims in the Middle East. Even in the sad news of how a Muslim shooter killed several marines in Chattanooga, God is at work; you may not have heard of how over 100 Muslims showed up at a Christian prayer meeting after canceling their Ramadan celebration!

One day we went out with our phones and the Jesus Film Media app to share our faith. We engaged with a few students in our dorm lobby through showing them a short film first. Please pray for Nick, Gia, and Elizabeth.


We’ve been mourning these past months as our culture celebrates moving further from Christian values, and it seems some within the church unknowingly celebrate it, too. It feels like a confirmation that we are moving away from the position of acceptance and favor once held in our society. But as we’ve seen all over the world, when the church is persecuted, it is refined and made stronger. Whether or not we now have a position of power in the culture, the gospel is still the power to save.

On our last day, author and pastor Francis Chan spoke to us. Not a three point outline, just a leading from the heart to love God above all else, seek His face and delight in him. Oh to be known not for our plans and strategies, but as people who love the Lord!

Speaker, Author and Pastor Francis Chan

Speaker, Author and Pastor Francis Chan

Thanks for praying for us. I think the Spirit has been talking in our hearts. May we continue to come before the throne to worship him, and let him transform our hearts and lives.

Our kids took part in kid camp with other elementary students. One theme of their week was windows not walls (seeing opportunities instead of obstacles). They formed good friendships, which we pray will grow and continue.

We also enjoyed arriving a day early and hiking up to Horsetooth Rock nearby. Our kids loved the street fair that opened our conference time and spent time boldering at the student rec center.

rockwallwIMG_0577 wIMG_9834

Experience the conference for yourself go to :

click on “video content”


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We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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