May Update

Do you ever feel tired, overwhelmed, or discouraged when you look at the world around you? I (Heather) struggle with that as I hear the news, seeing how non-Christians in the US perceive Christians, and as we raise our kids and ponder how to handle the issues we have to deal with today.

It makes me long for the Kingdom of God to be fully realized. Where every knee bows, and my heart doesn’t wander from him daily! It’s a challenge and a discipline to fix my eyes on Christ, his promises and power, and how he is working today.

A few tidbits we heard recently that were encouraging and help us remember God is in control:

  • Even as it feels our country is growing ever further away from the gospel, the church is growing. Since January this year, our church has seen over 100 people baptized!
  • A worker in the Muslim world shared how ISIS is causing more Muslims to be more open to truth. A strategy has developed where they broadcast a free Wi-Fi hotspot, and when people join it, they are led to materials about Jesus. Thousands have downloaded the Christian content onto their phones.
  • After one man was martyred for his faith, 50 workers said they would go to carry on his work in his place.
  • We continue to see people in hard-to-reach places respond to short films and social media.

We are blessed by your prayers!

Please pray as David and 7 other team members travel to Paris and London to record discipleship materials for young professionals. Pray what is captured would be engaging, for their safety and logistics, and for me and the kids, as it seems we encounter more warfare when in the middle of big projects.

Pray for our parenting. For grace as we are not perfect, wisdom to help our kids navigate in today’s world, and for us to be intentional in connecting with our children.

You can pray for us that Jesus would be our Bread of Life, our sustainer and the one who satisfies our deepest longings. That we would keep looking at how awesome our God is and not get bogged down in circumstances and challenges.

We are praising God that he is faithful and sovereign over all things!

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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