March Ministry Update

Hope Collection


With Easter approaching, Christians prepare their hearts to celebrate Jesus–God Incarnate who laid down his life for us and took it up again and rose from the dead. If you have the Jesus Film app there is a special collection of short films we put together called the Hope Collection. The films could be shared in person or you could send a friend a link. Each film has some questions you can ask people to help you engage them in spiritual conversations. Please pray that God would draw many to himself and that he’d use all of us to do so.

New Short Film in Production

We are ramping up to shoot another short film in early May. We brainstormed ideas, and then our teammate Brent wrote a script (this one deals with overcoming fear, but in a more lighthearted manner than “Nightwatch”). Next, the art department starts researching what costumes, set and props will be needed and what they will look like, and the director works with a producer to audition actors. As the director of photography, David starts making storyboards to decide what shots and angles we want to use. He had Mikayla, our daughter, help sketch some of those shots. Please pray that God would direct and inspire us as we prepare for this next film.

IMG_0474IMG_0487IMG_0502 (1)

Special Request

Friends who have served 16 years in Asia recently were denied visas and had to leave the country. Please pray for God to guide them in what he as in store for them next.

Please pray:

  • For all the details to come together for the upcoming film shoot.
  • Our team is connecting with current and new financial partners this month; please pray that God would produce fruit and continue to connect us with others ready and willing to partner.


  • A new family, the Allens, just reported to our team. We’re excited for how God has called and equipped them and brought them here.
  • We enjoyed a brief visit from Heather’s parents.
  • Several people from Jesus Film Project attended the National Religious Broadcasters conference and it was fun to share our tools with others.

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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