April Ministry Update

JESUS Film in 1,500 Languages!

We recently celebrated the recording of the JESUS film in the Daasanach language from East Africa, and the translation work continues! (We still hear stories from all over the world of how hearing Jesus speak in people’s heart language has been key to them understanding and embracing the gospel.) Project 865 is underway, working to translate and dub 865 languages that have 50,000 speakers or more. Because we work on several languages at once, every few weeks a new language is completed. Once project 865 is finished, the languages will cover 99% of the world’s population!


God Uses Nightwatch

A friend who recently visited Southeast Asia on a mission trip shared the following:

“I had the opportunity to meet Abdul, a 25-year-old Muslim who recently graduated from a local university with an English degree. His conversational English was lacking which made it hard to get into a spiritual conversation. I asked him if he liked scary films, and he said he loved them. So I pulled out my tablet and showed him Nightwatch [a film we made here in Orlando]. He told me that he liked to watch films that deal with fear. I asked him what people his age in his country are typically afraid of and he told me the devil. I asked why and he said because he is powerful and that people don’t know how to protect themselves from his power. He also shared with me that people are often afraid of where they stand before Allah. Through only

two questions the Lord had directed the conversation to a place where I could easily share the gospel with Abdul! I shared about how I used to have the same fears but then I put my faith and trust in Jesus, and how Jesus broke the power of sin and the devil by his death and offers us all salvation from our shame and confidence in our standing before God. When I asked Abdul if he had ever heard any of this he said no but that he believed what I told him and wanted to place his faith in Jesus so we prayed together. Only the Lord truly knows Abdul’s heart and what he actually understood about the gospel. I believe that the Lord used Nightwatch to bring our conversation naturally to a deep point where I had the opportunity to explain the gospel in a way that connected with Abdul.”

Please pray:

Our kids will go to a new middle school next year. Pray they can have a Cru chapter on campus to give students a chance to grow closer to God.

For all the details of translation, recording, and mixing to keep moving forward, so more may hear Jesus in their heart language.


Fruitful training times in teaching others how to use short films

Different cultures are hearing about Jesus via short films being shared

About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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