Crepe Myrtles at Bandshell – Lake Eola 10

Acrylic on canvas


I’m drawn to green in the midst of the city. The trees are beautiful; palms reaching up so high, oaks with their branches defying gravity, cypress taking root in the water to be close to their life source. And crepe myrtles, as featured in this painting, blooming beautifully in a variety of colors. You might feel sorry for a crepe myrtle in the middle of winter, as yearly after it loses its blooms and leaves, it is cut back, and is little more than a trunk. And yet this extreme pruning causes it to be thicker, the blooms more concentrate, and when spring comes it grows and mesmerizes once again. Green in the midst of the city is also a reminder of while the buildings show the glory of man, the trees display the handiwork of the Creator.

At times in life we are pruned. Old, dead things are cut away so new growth can occur. It can be scary and uncomfortable. Yet it’s needed, and greater beauty and strength are the goal. 

These crepe myrtles are near the bandshell on the west side of the park.


About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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