The Waverly on Lake Eola – Lake Eola 11

Acrylic on canvas


The Waverly building is not timid or conservative. It’s on Central Ave. on the south side of Lake Eola, standing tall, colorful, curvy, begging for attention. While Lake Eola Park has been around since 1892, the Waverly is a newcomer to the scene, rising up over a hundred years later in 2001. I’m guessing if we were to fast-forward another hundred years the lake and trees will remain, and if the Waverly is there, it will be considered quaint, maybe a bit outdated. Other buildings will have sprung up that will be the sought-after place to live. In a hundred years no one will know or care who lived in the penthouse of the Waverly. 

 The Waverly captures my attention; I like the playful colors and very un-boxiness of the architecture. I think most of us want to be seen, to be noticed and known. What do we want to be known for? Our beauty? Our accomplishments? What we have? Or something deeper? Our character, the way we treat others, the joy we have in the midst of heartache? While I appreciate compliments on my outfit, I hope that people can see more, can see my heart, and the one who is shaping my heart.


About nagyworld

We serve with the JESUS Film Project a ministry of Cru. We love the Lord and have the privilege of using our gifting in art, design, and film making to provide tools to make Him known.

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