About Us


David and Heather Nagy, serving with The JESUS Film Project. 

There is tremendous competition for the hearts and minds of people. We live in a culture that uses the Internet & media to socialize, communicate, get news, study, learn, listen to music, and even take tests. Even with incredible advances in media and mobile technology, people all over the world every day are dying without the chance to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

The JESUS Film Project often states that, “Seeing is believing.” The vision is that every person would have the chance to see and hear the gospel in their heart language.

FACT: In over 60 years of ministry, there have been more than 8.2 billion exposures to the gospel worldwide through Campus Crusade and its partnership activities.

Heather and I were first introduced to the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ through our involvement as college students. It was then that we decided we wanted to intentionally spend our time introducing others to Jesus Christ. David began his ministry at the University of Maine, and Heather went overseas to Asia for a year.

We met while serving at the World Headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ beginning in 2000, and married in 2002. We are blessed to have two beautiful children who are now in elementary school. We’re both called to tell God’s story in visual ways — through art, photography and video — to expose the media savvy to those who have never seen a film to God’s life-changing gospel

This summer, we celebrated 21 (David) and 16 years (Heather) serving on staff. We served in the National Campus Office for over a decade, providing visual solution through film and graphic design. Our team produced media and technology solutions that were used on college campuses throughout the country. Some of the video, web, and print pieces promote student missions events,  and others are for training and vision-casting purposes.

Using the skills and experience we honed with these past years we are excited to join with The JESUS Film Project. (The JESUS Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, and began in 1981.) Knowing the power of story we look forward to serving a team that makes films that will generate thought and discussion, moving an unbelieving audience closer to accepting the truth of the gospel! This team has also been involved in making discipleship based films that help Christians walk more closely with God. Heather’s role as a graphic designer allows her to use her artistry and skill to have a greater impact visually.

Campus Crusade for Christ does not have central funds for paying salaries, so we are dependent on a team of ministry partners to provide the funding we need. Read about investing with us.

I would like to learn more about your ministry!


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