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Mixed Media

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Gourd Art
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Oil Pastels
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Artist’s Statement

I would describe myself as a practical and efficient person who wants to do something that will really make a difference. However I feel most alive when I am painting, or sketching, or doing anything creative.

Eric Liddell was a runner in the 1924 Olympics and later became a missionary to China. In the movie “Chariots of Fire,” which portrays Liddell’s life, he says that God made him fast, and that he feels God’s pleasure when he runs. Although he felt called to be a missionary in China, he also knew God had given him a gift in running. He delays his departure to Asia to compete in the Olympic games and makes history in the process.

I feel God’s pleasure when I am painting, for me it’s an act of worship, reflecting back and imitating the beauty, which God created. In August 2003 my husband and I traveled through Colorado and Utah to the Grand Canyon. We visited six national parks in a week. The beauty I saw pierced my heart. It captured my imagination with its vividness and grand scale and invited me to explore the vast and wildness of a place with minimal human influence. I set a goal after returning from vacation to take the time out of life to do something that makes my heart soar and paint at least one landscape a week.

I have a pile of vibrant oil pastel pieces to show from this time. After a few years I felt the need to explore different subject matter. I’ve done work in landscapes and portraits in pastels. Inspired by Native American Art I have delved into the world of gourd art. Most recently I was inspired by a friend working in wax and other media and I have been doing some multimedia pieces. Sometimes I have a clear idea in my head of what I want and other times it is more about the journey as I put a piece together.

On my journey to make a difference and be practical I have discovered the validity of expressing my creativity. We are created in the image of God. (While God doesn’t have a physical form we show his attributes.) God is creative–just look around at the variety. No wonder we find joy in creating, and reflecting the beauty we see.


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