April 2012 Ministry Update

Big Break

Big Break has just wrapped up—four consecutive one-week conferences in Panama City Beach, FL, where thousands of college students came to be trained in evangelism, encouraged in their faith, and share the gospel. Our team designed materials for the conference and were encouraged to hear many stories of changed lives.

One of those stories was shared at the conference; a girl told of her boyfriend back at home who had found the online stream of the sessions. As a result of watching them, he wanted to hear more of what it means to be a Christian! Here are a few other things we heard:

People always ask on the beach if the conference is paying us to do evangelism. I love telling them that I paid to do this.

 I always thought of evangelism as a difficult process, but at Big Break they make it so easy and easy to take back to campus.

 This week impacted my life to the point where I’m considering changing college majors, and my whole life goals in general.

 Even though I’ve only been back [at school] for 2 days, I’ve used Perspective Cards with my non-Christian friends and shared my faith and experiences at Big Break with a lot of people. 

 I feel so much more confident in my faith and a lot closer with God after experiencing Big Break.


Stats for Big Break 2012

  • gospel presentations 7,912 
  • prayed to receive christ 418 3,100
  • students trained to share gospel back on

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