Heather’s story

When I was a little girl I remember wondering, “What happens to people when they die?” Was that it, you’re buried and gone? I couldn’t comprehend that we would just cease to exist; it made me wonder why we were here at all.

Not long afterward we moved and my mom started taking my sister and me to church. I learned about God, and Jesus and heaven. Heaven made sense to me, and it was where I wanted to go when I died. A few years later I had a dream; it was as if I was standing at the edge of death, looking down and someone asked me if I was sure I would go to heaven. I didn’t know for sure and that troubled me.

I saw God answer my question through something called the Mailbox Club. It was a newsletter for kids that had a modern-day story, a Bible story and then questions at the end. I would fill in the questions, send them in to Mrs. Jane, and she would send me the next lesson with the questions corrected. One of the last letters had the story of Jesus and his death and resurrection. I think it was then that I first realized that Jesus was a real man in history; He really did die to pay for my sins. I realized I could be sure I would go to heaven by accepting Jesus into my heart, and accepting his gift of dying in my place. I did just that and felt a joy in knowing for sure that I would go to heaven when I died.

Time passed and I realized that by accepting Jesus I had done more than gain assurance of heaven but had begun a relationship. I loved how the Bible addressed different issues that were relevant in my life and was amazed at how much God love me. I prayed for God to give me friends and a sense of peace when I went to a summer camp and he answered my prayer. I thought wow this really works.

When it came time to go to college, I decided to go to Western Michigan University. I was a little nervous about going to a big university, but prayed that God would provide me with Christian friends.

He more than answered my prayer! In the fall of my freshmen year I heard from a friend going to another school about a cool Christian group she was going to. I wondered if there was something like that at Western. I was so excited when I went to the cafeteria one night for dinner and I saw a few students with a banner that said Campus Crusade for Christ taking short surveys to see if students wanted to hear more about how to have a relationship with God. This was just what I was looking for and I quickly found myself attending weekly meetings, making friends, attending a Bible study and learning more about how to grow in my relationship with Christ.

I loved my years being involved with Campus Crusade as a college student. I found even more reasons to believe as I heard all the evidence that Christ had indeed risen from the dead, and the overwhelming amount of care that had been taken to make sure the Bible was preserved with accuracy.

After graduating from WMU I took a one-year mission trip to Asia with Campus Crusade. It wasn’t an easy year, but it was amazing. I learned so much more about how much I needed God, and his grace. After my year overseas I joined Campus Crusade staff in 2000 and have been working at CCC’s headquarters ever since as a graphic designer. I love being able to use my design and creative skill to make a difference. It was also at headquarters that I met and married my wonderful husband, David. We married in 2002 and now have two wonderful kids, Mikayla and Elijah who are in elementary school.

David’s story