How support works

We are responsible for raising support to cover everything listed, including all the taxes and the cost of our medical benefits. Campus Crusade for Christ does not have a central fund to pay us. Our paycheck is the last thing to be drawn from our staff account. If the money is not in our account, we don’t recieve a paycheck.

In addition, Campus Crusade is a Religious Missionary Order (RMO) that has special tax status with the government. As a result, staff members are not allowed to have sources of outside income. So, we are not permitted to have a job other than our work with CCC. All of our needs are met through our team of supporters.

Nintey percent of our support comes from families and individuals. Your partnership allows us to continue to serve to reach out to the college students around the world!

Where our support goes:

  • Salary 41%
  • Taxes, Social Security 16%
  • Benefits (healthcare, pension) 23%
  • Retirement 5%
  • Ministry Expenses (prayer letters, travel, etc.) 3%
  • Administrative 12%


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