March 2012 Ministry Update

Fast Break

Student Venture is the part of the Campus Ministry that reaches out to
middle and high school students. Over the weekend of Feb. 18-20, SV
held a conference called Fast Break. There were a variety of speakers
from Cru and partnering churches there. They taught on basics of the
faith, had a training time on sharing your faith, and an afternoon to
go out in the city and do just that.

Two hundred students from several Florida high schools attended, along
with 30 graduates who came back to help run the weekend. One young
athlete, new to his faith and eager to grow, had been bringing his
Bible to read before his wrestling meets, as he wants to be a light to
his teammates. In faith, he asked several of his teammates to attend
Fast Break with him. Four of them went, and they all prayed to receive
Christ while they were there. During one gathering at the conference,
they shared from the front what having Christ in their life meant to
them. One of these new believers comes from a Muslim home, and is sure
to encounter resistance to his new faith.

We’re so excited to see God showing up like this and how these precious
young students responded to Him. You can pray that their faith would
grow strong roots, that they would encourage each other, and for their

Family Update

The kids continue to do well in school. Last month, David was a
chaperone on Elijah’s zoo field trip, and Heather went with Mikayla’s
class to see “Pinkalicious: the Musical” on Valentine’s Day. Heather
and the kids also cheered David on as he participated in his first
“official” 5K run. Down here, the weather is good for camping, and the
kids really want to go. They’ve been sleeping on the floor and in small
tents in their rooms often over the last month!


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